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Installing PVC Doors

Installing PVC Doors

PVC doors (often referred to as uPVC doors) have undergone a tremendous surge in popularity in recent years. This is partly because Australian homeowners are looking for cost-effective ways to replace single glass doors with more energy-efficient double glazed doors. The other reason for their increased popularity is because PVC doors have been on the market long enough to have withstood the test of time. Any reservations consumers had about their durability have been put to rest.

What are PVC Doors?

PVC (polyvinylchloride) is a well-known plastic. The "u" in uPVC stands for "unplasticised." In other words, any PVC product that is stiff is uPVC. PVC doors are also UV stabilised and will not deteriorate due to exposure to the sun. In addition, in response to demand for more environmentally friendly building materials, PVC is now being produced that is 100 percent recyclable. Toughness, durability and environmental friendliness are three reasons why uPCV doors and windows are in vogue, but they offer other advantages as well:

- PVC door frames offer greater insulation against heat and cold than aluminium. In combination with double glazing, they offer far greater protection from the elements and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.
- PVC door frames are very low maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning. Timber frames, on the other hand, require regular maintenance and refinishing.
- PVC doors offer greater protection against bush fires than timber.
- Compression sealed double glazed PVC doors can reduce the perceived noise from traffic by up to 75 percent.
- PVC doors now come in a range of designer colours and some manufacturers can even powder coat them to your specifications.

Installing PVC Doors

PVC doors come in standard sizes or can be custom made to fit into any existing door cavity. The addition of reinforced fixing rails makes them arguably even more secure than standard doors. Most suppliers offer full instructions for installation, so you can install them yourself if you choose to do so. However, check the manufacturer's warranty first. In some cases, the warranty may only apply to doors supplied and fitted by authorised dealers.

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Post Date: 19-October-2018