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Maintaining Your PVC Doors

Maintaining Your PVC Doors

PVC doors are ideal for use both internally and externally as they are beautiful and incredibly durable. However, to get the most from your PVC doors, they do require a little maintenance. Here’s what you need to know. For any more tips, or to buy specialist cleaning products, simply visit your local doors supplier.

Cleaning PVC Doors

An important part of keeping your PVC doors in great condition is keeping them clean. In fact, cleaning your doors is pretty much the most intensive maintenance that you will ever have to do. A few times a year, you should give your PVC doors a general clean using a soft sponge and a non-abrasive household cleaner. Never be tempted to wipe the doors over with a dry cloth as you can actually scratch the PVC doing so. Always use a wet, lint free cloth or sponge. Also never use abrasive cleaners as these can also cause scratching or damage to the finish that can be very difficult to repair. If your PVC doors have marks that can’t be gotten off with a sponge and a gentle cleaner alone, you can buy a specialist PVC cleaner that will get the marks off without causing any damage to the PVC.

To make a great, safe cleaner for your PVC doors, just mix one part white vinegar to four parts of hot water. Spray the mixture on to the door, allow to sit for a little while and then remove with a soft sponge.

Check All Moving Parts Yearly

While PVC doors and all its components are very high quality, you should still check all moving parts at least once a year. This means you should take a look at the hinges, the door knobs and the locks if the door is lockable. Make sure that these all move freely and do not stick at all. The door should latch closed very easily. If you have trouble with any moving parts, you may need to tighten them or add a little bit of lubrication (such as WD40).

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Post Date: 19-October-2018